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privacy policy

We are aware of the importance of your personal information and will do our best to keep your personal information secure. We are committed to maintaining your trust in us and abide by the following principles to protect your personal information: the principle of consistent authority and responsibility, the principle of clarity of purpose, the principle of consent, the principle of minimum use, the principle of ensuring security, the principle of participation of the subject, and the principle of openness and transparency. At the same time, we are committed to take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information in accordance with the industry’s mature security standards. Please read and understand this Privacy Policy carefully before using our products (or services).
I. How we collect and use your personal information

Personal information is information recorded electronically or otherwise that, alone or in combination with other information, identifies a particular natural person or reflects the activities of a particular natural person.

We will only collect and use your personal information for the following purposes described in this policy.
Information about your computer, including your IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system.
Information about your access to and use of the Site, including traffic sources, access times, page views and navigational paths to the Site.
Information entered when registering on our website, such as your email address.
The information you fill in when you create a profile on our website, such as your name, profile picture, gender, date of birth, relationship status, interests and hobbies, educational background and employment information.
The information you fill in when subscribing to our emails and/or newsletters, such as your name and email address.
The information you enter when you use the services on our website.
Information generated by you when you use our website, including the time, frequency and environment in which you use it.
Information relating to your purchase, use of the Services or transactions through our website, including your name, address, telephone number, email address and credit card information.
Information that you post on our website that you intend to post to the Internet, including your username, profile picture and the content you post.
Information, including the content of communications and metadata, that you include when you communicate with us via email or our website.
Any other personal information you send us.

We will ask you for your consent before we use the information for any purpose other than those set out in this policy.

We will seek your prior consent to use information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes.
How We Use Cookies and Similar Technologies

(i) Cookies To ensure that our websites function properly, we store small data files called cookies on your computer or mobile device.
Cookies typically contain an identifier, a site name, and some numbers and characters. Cookies allow websites to store data such as your preferences or the products in your shopping basket. We do not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this policy. You can manage or delete cookies according to your preferences, and you can clear all cookies stored on your computer, and most web browsers have a feature to block cookies. However, if you do so, you will need to change your user settings yourself each time you visit our website. For more information on how to change your browser settings, please visit the following links: , , and .

Web Beacons and Pixel Tags In addition to cookies, we use other similar technologies on our websites, such as web beacons and pixel tags. For example, an email we send you may contain a clickable URL that links to content on our site, and if you click on the link, we track that click to help us understand your product or service preferences and improve customer service. A web beacon is typically a transparent image that is embedded in a website or email. With the help of pixel tags in emails, we are able to know if an email has been opened. If you do not want your activity to be tracked in this way, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time.

(iii) Do Not Track Many web browsers have a Do Not Track feature that allows you to issue a Do Not Track request to a website. At this time, the major Internet standards organizations have not established policies on how websites should respond to such requests. However, if you have Do Not Track enabled on your browser, all of our sites will respect your choice.
How We Share, Transfer, and Publicly Disclose Your Personal Information

(i) Sharing We will not share your personal information with any other company, organization or individual except to.
1、Sharing with explicit consent: After obtaining your explicit consent, we will share your personal information with other parties.
2、We may share your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations, or mandatory requirements of the competent government departments.
3. share with authorized partners.
For the sole purpose of fulfilling the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy, certain of our services will be provided by authorized partners.
We may share certain of your personal information with our partners in order to provide better customer service and user experience. For example, companies we engage to provide third-party data statistics and analysis services may need to collect and access personal data for statistical and analytical purposes.
In such cases, these companies must comply with our data privacy and security requirements. We will only share your personal information for lawful, legitimate, necessary, specific, and explicit purposes, and only as necessary to provide the service. We will enter into strict confidentiality agreements with companies, organizations, and individuals with whom we share personal information, requiring them to handle personal information in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy, and any other relevant confidentiality and security measures.

(ii) Transfers
We will not transfer your personal information to any company, organization or individual except in the following circumstances.
(1) Transfer in the case of obtaining explicit consent: after obtaining your explicit consent, we will transfer your personal information to other parties; (2) In the case of a merger, acquisition or liquidation involving the transfer of personal information, we will ask the new company or organization holding your personal information to continue to be bound by this Privacy Policy, or we will ask the company or organization to seek authorized consent from you again.

(C) Public Disclosure
We will only publicly disclose your personal information in the following circumstances.
1. with your express consent.
2、Disclosure based on the law: we may disclose your personal information publicly in the case of mandatory requirements by law, legal proceedings, litigation or government authorities.
D. How we protect your personal information

(i) We have implemented industry standard security safeguards to protect the personal information you provide to us from unauthorised access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of data. We will take all reasonably practicable steps to protect your personal information. For example, data exchanged between your browser and the Service (such as credit card information) is protected by SSL encryption; we also provide https secure browsing on our website; we use encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of data; and we use trusted protection mechanisms to protect data from malicious attacks. (ii) We will deploy access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to personal information; and (iii) We will conduct security and privacy training sessions to enhance our employees’ awareness of the importance of protecting personal information.

(ii) We will take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that no unrelated personal information is collected. We will only retain your personal information for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

(c) The Internet is not an absolutely secure environment, and email, instant messaging, and communication with other our users are not encrypted, and we strongly advise you not to send personal information through these means. Please use complex passwords to help us keep your account secure.

(d) The Internet environment is not 100% secure and we will do our best to ensure or warrant the security of any information you send to us. If our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards are compromised, resulting in unauthorized access, public disclosure, alteration, or destruction of information, and your legal rights are damaged, we will be liable for the corresponding legal liability.

(E) In the unfortunate occurrence of personal information security incidents, we will, in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, timely inform you: the basic situation of the security incident and the possible impact, we have taken or will take disposal measures, you can prevent and reduce the risk of independent advice, your remedial measures and so on. If it is difficult to inform the subject of personal information one by one, we will make announcements in a reasonable and effective manner. At the same time, we will also take the initiative to report the handling of personal information security incidents in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities.
V. How we handle children’s personal information

Our products, websites and services are intended for adults. Children may not create their own user accounts without the consent of a parent or guardian. In cases where we collect personal information from children with parental consent, we will only use or publicly disclose such information as permitted by law, with the express consent of the parent or guardian, or as necessary to protect the child. Notwithstanding local laws and customs that define a child differently, we consider anyone under the age of 14 to be a child. If we discover that we have collected personal information from a child without first obtaining verifiable parental consent, we will attempt to delete the data as quickly as possible.
How Your Personal Information is Transferred Globally

In principle, the personal information we collect and generate within the People’s Republic of China will be stored in the People’s Republic of China.

As we provide our products or services through resources and servers located around the world, this means that, with your authorised consent, your personal information may be transferred to, or accessed from, jurisdictions outside the country in which you use our products or services. Such jurisdictions may have different data protection laws, or may not even have established laws. In such cases, we will ensure that your personal information is adequately protected to the same extent as it would be in the People’s Republic of China. For example, we may request your consent for cross-border transfers of personal information, or implement security measures such as data de-identification prior to cross-border data transfers.
7. How this Privacy Policy is updated

We may make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, and any updates to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website in a manner that indicates when it was updated, and the adjustments or changes will take effect 7 days after they are notified or posted, unless otherwise mandatory by law or regulation. If you continue to use any of the services provided by us or visit our website after the adjustment or change of the privacy policy, we believe it means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised privacy policy and are bound by it.

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我们深知个人信息对您的重要性,并会尽全力保护您的个人信息安全可靠。我们致力于维持您对我们的信任,恪守以下原则,保护您的个人信息:权责一致原则、目的明确原则、选择同意原则、最少够用原则、确保安全原则、主体参与原则、公开透明原则等。同时,我们承诺,我们将按业界成熟的安全标准,采取相应的安全保护措施来保护您的个人信息。 请在使用我们的产品(或服务)前,仔细阅读并了解本《隐私权政策》。



  • 我们仅会出于本政策所述的以下目的,收集和使用您的个人信息:
  • 有关您的计算机的信息,包括您的IP地址、地理位置、浏览器类型和版本以及操作系统;
  • 有关您访问和使用本网站的信息,包括流量来源、访问时间、页面浏览量和网站导航路径;
  • 在我们的网站上注册时填写的信息,例如您的电子邮箱地址;
  • 您在我们的网站上创建个人资料时填写的信息,例如您的姓名、个人资料图片、性别、生日、人际关系状况、兴趣和爱好、教育背景和工作信息;
  • 您在订阅我们的电子邮件和/或新闻资讯时填写的信息,例如您的姓名和电子邮箱地址;
  • 您在使用我们网站上的服务时填写的信息;
  • 您在使用我们的网站时生成的信息,包括您使用的时间、频率和环境;
  • 与您购买、使用服务或通过我们的网站进行的交易相关的信息,包括您的姓名、地址、电话号码、电子邮箱地址和信用卡信息;
  • 您在我们网站上发布的、意图发布到互联网上的信息,其中包括您的用户名、个人资料图片以及您发布的内容;
  • 您通过电子邮件或我们的网站与我们交流时所包含的信息,包括通信内容和元数据;
  • 您发送给我们的任何其他个人信息。



二、我们如何使用 Cookie 和同类技术

(一)Cookie 为确保网站正常运转,我们会在您的计算机或移动设备上存储名为 Cookie 的小数据文件。
Cookie 通常包含标识符、站点名称以及一些号码和字符。借助于 Cookie,网站能够存储您的偏好或购物篮内的商品等数据。 我们不会将 Cookie 用于本政策所述目的之外的任何用途。您可根据自己的偏好管理或删除 Cookie。您可以清除计算机上保存的所有 Cookie,大部分网络浏览器都设有阻止 Cookie 的功能。但如果您这么做,则需要在每一次访问我们的网站时亲自更改用户设置。如需详细了解如何更改浏览器设置,请访问以下链接:、、、 和 。

(二)网站信标和像素标签 除 Cookie 外,我们还会在网站上使用网站信标和像素标签等其他同类技术。例如,我们向您发送的电子邮件可能含有链接至我们网站内容的点击 URL。如果您点击该链接,我们则会跟踪此次点击,帮助我们了解您的产品或服务偏好并改善客户服务。网站信标通常是一种嵌入到网站或电子邮件中的透明图像。借助于电子邮件中的像素标签,我们能够获知电子邮件是否被打开。如果您不希望自己的活动以这种方式被追踪,则可以随时从我们的寄信名单中退订。

(三)Do Not Track(请勿追踪) 很多网络浏览器均设有 Do Not Track 功能,该功能可向网站发布 Do Not Track 请求。目前,主要互联网标准组织尚未设立相关政策来规定网站应如何应对此类请求。但如果您的浏览器启用了 Do Not Track,那么我们的所有网站都会尊重您的选择。


(一)共享 我们不会向其他任何公司、组织和个人分享您的个人信息,但以下情况除外:
在这种情况下,这些公司必须遵守我们的数据隐私和安全要求。我们仅会出于合法、正当、必要、特定、明确的目的共享您的个人信息,并且只会共享提供服务所必要的个人信息。 对我们与之共享个人信息的公司、组织和个人,我们会与其签署严格的保密协定,要求他们按照我们的说明、本隐私政策以及其他任何相关的保密和安全措施来处理个人信息。

1、在获取明确同意的情况下转让:获得您的明确同意后,我们会向其他方转让您的个人信息; 2、在涉及合并、收购或破产清算时,如涉及到个人信息转让,我们会在要求新的持有您个人信息的公司、组织继续受此隐私政策的约束,否则我们将要求该公司、组织重新向您征求授权同意。



(一)我们已使用符合业界标准的安全防护措施保护您提供的个人信息,防止数据遭到未经授权访问、公开披露、使用、修改、损坏或丢失。我们会采取一切合理可行的措施,保护您的个人信息。例如,在您的浏览器与“服务”之间交换数据(如信用卡信息)时受 SSL 加密保护;我们同时对我们网站提供 https 安全浏览方式;我们会使用加密技术确保数据的保密性;我们会使用受信赖的保护机制防止数据遭到恶意攻击;我们会部署访问控制机制,确保只有授权人员才可访问个人信息;以及我们会举办安全和隐私保护培训课程,加强员工对于保护个人信息重要性的认识。




(五)在不幸发生个人信息安全事件后,我们将按照法律法规的要求,及时向您告知:安全事件的基本情况和可能的影响、我们已采取或将要采取的处置措施、您可自主防范和降低风险的建议、对您的补救措施等。我们将及时将事件相关情况以邮件、信函、电话、推送通知等方式告知您,难以逐一告知个人信息主体时,我们会采取合理、有效的方式发布公告。 同时,我们还将按照监管部门要求,主动上报个人信息安全事件的处置情况。


我们的产品、网站和服务主要面向成人。如果没有父母或监护人的同意,儿童不得创建自己的用户账户。 对于经父母同意而收集儿童个人信息的情况,我们只会在受到法律允许、父母或监护人明确同意或者保护儿童所必要的情况下使用或公开披露此信息。 尽管当地法律和习俗对儿童的定义不同,但我们将不满 14 周岁的任何人均视为儿童。 如果我们发现自己在未事先获得可证实的父母同意的情况下收集了儿童的个人信息,则会设法尽快删除相关数据。



由于我们通过遍布全球的资源和服务器提供产品或服务,这意味着,在获得您的授权同意后,您的个人信息可能会被转移到您使用产品或服务所在国家/地区的境外管辖区,或者受到来自这些管辖区的访问。 此类管辖区可能设有不同的数据保护法,甚至未设立相关法律。在此类情况下,我们会确保您的个人信息得到在中华人民共和国境内足够同等的保护。例如,我们会请求您对跨境转移个人信息的同意,或者在跨境数据转移之前实施数据去标识化等安全举措。